frequently asked questions

Most important questions

The film has no significant effect on the golf club.
(Tested and confirmed of a professional clubmaker/clubfitter)

Yes, the film is allowed and complies with the official golf rules.
(Confirmed by „THE R&A“ –

HEADiD (club head):
Driver, Woods und Hybrids.

SHAFTiD (shaft):
Steel- and graphite shafts, no matter if Iron, Wood or Putter.
(Attention: Prerequisite is a straight putter shaft.)

Our application video shows you everything you need to know.

If applied correctly, the film is designed for several years.

Yes, it`s easier by slightly warming the film with a hair dryer.

Yes, the surface of your golf club will be protected.

No, the film are coated by a protective laminate.

Use a damp cloth and wipe over the surface.

Yes, from a certain minimum order quantity. Please contact us


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