frequently asked questions

Most important questions

Will the property of the golf club affected?

The film has no significant effect on the golf club.
(Tested and confirmed of a professional clubmaker/clubfitter)

Is the film allowed at official golf tournaments?

Yes, the film is allowed and complies with the official golf rules.
(Confirmed by „THE R&A“ –

Which clubs can be covered with the foil?

HEADiD (club head):
Driver, Woods und Hybrids.

SHAFTiD (shaft):
Steel- and graphite shafts, no matter if Iron, Wood or Putter.
(Attention: Prerequisite is a straight putter shaft.)

How to stick on a golf club?

Our application video shows you everything you need to know.

How long does the film stick?

If applied correctly, the film is designed for several years.

Can the film be removed without leaving any residue?

Yes, it`s easier by slightly warming the film with a hair dryer.

Does the film protect my club?

Yes, the surface of your golf club will be protected.

Does water affect the film?

No, the film are coated by a protective laminate.

How can I clean the film?

Use a damp cloth and wipe over the surface.

Can I have my own logo / company logo created as a foil?

Yes, from a certain minimum order quantity. Please contact us


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